The Havering Borough election in Harold Wood – 11th May 2010

The Party with the largest number of votes was the Residents’ – a tribute to the formidable Political campaigning skills and persistent leafleting of Ron Ower and former Labour Mayor Brian Eagling. The first-three-past-the-post electoral system used in London boroughs rewarded them with a single seat for Brian Eagling alone.

The Conservatives came second in terms of votes, but outgoing councillors Lesley Kelly and Pam Light got more votes than the next highest placed Residents’ party candidates and so retained their seats.

The Liberal Democrats came third in terms of votes, so Jonathan Coles, who had been a councillor for the last 4 years (and for 12 out of the last 16 years), was defeated.

As a party, Labour came fourth, followed by the sole UKIP candidate.

Congratulations to the three successful candidates: Brian Eagling(RA) and Lesley Kelly (Con.) and Pam Light (Con.)

The members of the Liberal Democrat Focus Team all live within the ward and will continue to play their part in local affairs.


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