New Year Resolution

This blog has been inactive for a number of months now. I have thought about a number of potential posts, but have not got round to doing them. So I’m relaunching it – if that isn’t too pompous a word for it.

At church on New Years Day, our minister Phil Nevard, asked us about New Year resolutions. The congregation didn’t really want to admit to any. Phil reminded us, that he had announced to us two new year resolutions some years ago: to learn to ride a motor-cycle and to learn something new. He had fulfilled them within the year. The motorcycle is used for journeys formerly done by car – which fits in well with the church as an Eco-Congregation.
He went on to advocate renewing our Faith from time to time. Faith learned decades ago in childhood doesn’t fit us in our later form any more than our old clothes do. Also the external world changes and this means that our faith has to encompass new issues.

So, post church on Sunday morning, my new New Year Resolution is to blog more frequently, to share with you my thoughts and reactions. And also to share my experiences outside Harold Wood, which often affect how I see Harold Wood. I’ll have to learn how to convert my thoughts in to blogs more quickly – that would be a new skill for me. I can’t aspire to the promptness of Jonathan Fryer , who once went home from a funeral of a mutual friend and had an appreciation on his blog the same evening.

So shortly, I will be looking back over 2011 and introducing new issues. From time to time I’ll go back farther and call such reflections BackBlog – I’ve got a lot of past to reflect upon.


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