Birdsong in the dark

February 14th 2014

Mid-evening after nightfall. We were walking through the car park to the footpath that leads to the pedestrian gate to Belfast Boat Club. Suddenly we were aware that all around songbirds were singing. In the dark? In sodden February?  In Belfast?

But then we became aware that for the birds it wasn’t dark. The Boat Club is also one of the oldest and largest tennis clubs in Northern Ireland. Many of the courts are covered by the sort of bubble or dome which allow play and practice to continue in bad weather. There are all translucent and at that time they were all lit. So for the birds close by, it wasn’t dark. It was probably brighter than most February days!

When we left later, some of the domes were no longer lit, but some were still on. There was still birdsong, but less.


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