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Stamps for Sir Nicholas Winton

August 25, 2015

In July I wrote a short appreciation of Sir Nicholas Winton, who had just died. Since then there was a campaign to have him commemorated in postage stamps both in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. The Czech Republic agreed quite quickly, but the UK reaction was more cautious, quoting the procedure for such stamps and suggesting that it could be over a year before it was agreed, if at all.

There was a petition on which I was happy to sign. Today, as one of the signatories I received an email indicating success:


Justin Cohen & Richard Ferrer

United Kingdom

25 Aug 2015 — You did it! The Royal Mail has confirmed it will produce a stamp celebrating Sir Nicholas Winton. While stamps are usually decided on two years in advance, this will be fast-tracked to be issued in 2016.

Thank you to each and every one of you that backed our campaign which demonstrated such a strong desire for this rare honour. We hope the stamp will serve as a lasting reminder of Sir Nicholas’ inspirational actions without which thousands would not be alive today.

Thank you once again!”