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Don Sanderson Trophy 2015

November 6, 2015

Our son, Don Sanderson (Dagenham 1969 – Brno 1999) was in the 1990s the Events Officer of the SquashBJC_-_U17_19_winners Rackets Association (the governing body for Squash in England) – now called England Squash and Racketball. His work involved being tournament director for a number of tournaments, including the British Open and especially junior tournaments, which cater for young players up to 19 in four two-year bands.
After Don’s sudden death in a road accident in 1999, the squash community was very supportive to Barbara and me. This included a charity tournament involving leading players and the decision of England Squash to name the trophy for the under-19 British Junior Championships after Don.
As a result of this, we are invited each year to the Technifibre British Junior Championships, which are now held in Manchester, to present the prizes. Access this year was a little easier than last year, when there was no match in the Manchester City stadium next door to the National Squash Centre!
The skill shown by these young players is inspiring and many of the leading under-19 players go straight on a career in squash, as players and coaches. There is overlap in skills between age bands. The runner-up in the Under-19 girls was last years Under-17 winner and last years Under-15 winner was runner-up in the Under-17 girls. A few girls as young as 14 are quite capable of playing at Women’s Senior level.

Picture (England Squash and Racketball) shows Under-17 Winners Kyle Finch and Lucy Turmel to the left of the photo with Under-19 Winners Georgina Kennedy and James Peach to the right.