About Harold Wood citizen – Ian Sanderson

I have lived in Harold Wood for 49 years, with my wife Barbara. We brought up two children here, who went to pre-school in the Ingrebourne Centre, then to Harold Court School and Coopers Coborn. We have three granddaughters.

I reckon I am a citizen of Harold Wood, as I have voted here on all possible occasions except one (I was delayed at work.). I take a keen interest in local affairs through my membership of the Liberal Democrat Focus Team throughout the last 17 years.

I worked as electrical engineer with the BBC for 29 years and am a Chartered Engineer and an MIET (formerly MIEE). When I left the BBC I worked for a further 16 years for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer on computer courses.

Liberal Democrat

Although I was sympathetic to to Liberals for decades before that, I first became a member of the Liberal Democrats about twenty years ago. I believe that on a national level, more power and influence for the LibDems would make the UK a better, fairer and more efficient country. At a local level, Liberal Democrats ahve a strong tradition of communicating with their electors, which leads to more responsive local government.
From 2012, I am Membership Development Officer of Havering Liberal Democrats and Vice-Chair (Engineering) of the Association Of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists.

In the 2015 General Election, I was Liberal Democrat candidate for Romford.


4 Responses to “About Harold Wood citizen – Ian Sanderson”

  1. Ian Hepburn Says:

    Hello Ian. Just wondering if you might have been the same Ian Sanderson who was at Romford County Tech School back in the mid-60s? Let me know if you are. Ian Hepburn.


  2. Nick Tudor Says:

    Hi Ian, I hope you & Barbara are well. I was thinking about Don a few days ago and googled his name, came up with the Memorial trophy and found your blog. I studied with Don at Aston and was lucky enough to consider him a good friend. I was hoping you might be able to tell me how Gaby & Olivie are getting on. We lost touch a long time ago but they often enter my thoughts.
    I live in Queensland in Australia with my family now, having flitted back and forth between the UK and Sydney for the best part of the last 15 years. I hope Harold Wood is still treating you both well.
    Nick Tudor


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