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Where is Harold Wood?

April 18, 2010

Between Romford and Brentwood

In Greater London, United Kingdom, but in the eastern bit that was Essex until 1964. It is very close to Junction 28 of the M25 motorway. It is also about 3 miles (5km) from the larger centres of Romford (to the west), Hornchurch (to the south) Upminster (to the south-east) and Brentwood(to the east).

London Borough of Havering

The easternmost London Borough is Havering, which runs north from the Thames. Harold Wood Ward lies on the eastern boundary of Havering, and borders the Borough of Brentwood in the administrative County of Essex

Harold Wood railway station

People think of Harold Wood as the area around Harold Wood railway station. The station was opened in the 1860s and the King Harold pub in Station Road has 1868 in its gable. The station isĀ  on the Liverpool St. line and on the proposed Crossrail route.

There are subtle distinctions in the “Harold” area.

Harold Hill

About a quarter of a mile north of the station is the A12 trunk road – the original Roman road from London to Colchester. The area north of the A12 was farmland until about 1950, where an industrial estate and a large London County Council housing estate were built there. This area is called Harold Hill.

Harold Park

If you go east along the railway line or the A12 from Harold Wood, after about a mile, you are in Harold Park. The original Harold Park, developed in the 1920s and 1930s, also extends slightly to the north of the A12.

On the edge of open country, south of the railway line and Harold Park lies Harold Court – a large house, now flats, which has been a hospital and a training college. It also gave its name to a primary school in Harold Wood.

East of Harold Park and north of the A12 lies Maylands, now a golf course. For brief period around 1930, it was an international airport.

Harold Wood Hospital

The biggest thing in Harold Wood, for about sixty years, was Harold Wood Hospital but it closed within the last few years. Most of the site is in the hands of developers. There is a lot of local concern and political activity about the way this development should go.

Harold Wood Ward

Harold Wood Ward, London Borough of Havering used to be bounded by the A12 and A127 trunk roads and the Greater London boundary (almost the same thing here as the M25 motorway). About ten years ago, boundary changes removed some areas to the south of the old ward, but north of the A127 (including Harold Wood Primary School) and added some areas in Harold Hill north of Harold Wood Station.